Sunday, November 18, 2012

RNTM Task 6

Hey There, 

I know long time nothing. I am focussing right bow on the RNTM competition. For this month i am also a graphic designer for Miss Magazine, but just as a guest for my dear friend. 

Ok enogh talking - here's the result for RNTM task 6.1. Task was to create a business chic outfit with stardoll clothing and present it on the runway: 

 I choose to be classy with b/w, but also with some trashy and extraordinary shades in it like the studded collar or the rouched skirt. -We are on the runway and not already in the office ;) 

Here's the second part of the task. We had to answer some questions as a fictional interview with an international magazine: 

RNTM- Task 6 – Interview with Jody_Cailin
*) You are a contestant at RNTM. What's it like to be in such a competition?
Jody_Cailin: It’s a great honor to be in this competition. It’s really exciting for me as I am always looking forward the next task, doing the task punctual with showing the best I can and then it’s the waiting for the results…I am always very curious.
*) Why did you decide to apply for RNTM?
J.C.: I have followed the competition for the last cycle and I really liked the tasks and results. The whole competition takes place on a higher level than others. You really have got a chance not only by winning the title of RNTM to step up in the model world, but also throughout the competition you get little rewards and you also have a chance to show your talent and commitment into competitions in general.
*) Have you had any problems or difficulties at one of the task so far?
J.C.: I guess the Halloween task, because I didn’t really know what Rafael wanted, also I am not that into creating sceneries, so the Thailand-influenced task was also a bit tricky.
*) Which task did you like best/didn't you like at all so far?
J.C.: Hmm the Thailand and Halloween tasks were not my cup of tea. I loved the 5th task, because the circus theme was different than the ones before. The “Crazy Couture”-Catwalk was also quite fun to do, because of the extravagant outfit. I was wearing a ‘fish’ for Gianni Molaro….
*) Can you describe a bit what makes you stand out from the rest of the contestants?
J.C.: That’s  a tricky question. I guess we all are special in our very own. I guess I am interpreting things in a different way and for me little details can be very important. Also I can be surprising from time to time.
*) Do you think you can actually win this cycle? Or at least get among the Top 3?
J.C.: Maybe. If you have seen last weeks results then you know that it turned out pretty good for me, but there are some quite good girls in this competition with me. – So I should focus on the competition, doing my best at every task – then I have got a chance to be among the Top 3.
*) Have you got any plans if you don't win RNTM?
J.C.: I would be sad and probably a little bit disappointed of myself, but I have got accepted at several amazing magazines such as Flare, Run Magazine or strut magazine and I won’t stop modeling.  Also I am quite busy working as graphic designer and I want to improve my skills in it. Maybe I get good enough to finally start my own magazine with my own ideas. But that’s just a thought for now.
*) Is there anything on Stardoll that you'd also love to do besides modeling?
J.C.: No, not on the stardoll page. What would it be? I don’t want to become CG or NCG or catwalk winner. For me the world around stardoll is much more interesting, because there users show their real creativity and great pieces of art come together.
*) Leaving the topic of RNTM, can you tell us what you like to do in your free time?
J.C.: I love travelling around the world, have great experiences and meeting interesting people. Experimenting with fashion is also always a part of my everyday life. I also love to go for a run or going out with friends.
*) The interview is nearly over. For the last question, can you please tell us what's your biggest wish for Christmas?
J.C.: Oh I haven’t really thought about Christmas that much. I will celebrate with my family and for the moment I just hope for a great time with as much love and joy as possible ….and snow ;) I love snow.

I am already curious about the next results and critics.

Have a nice evening ♥ Jody


  1. Wow I really like the look and the graphic. The interveiw is pretty cool too :D

    1. Oh I love reading comments like this :) Thank You for taking time to write your opinion :)

  2. Jody, you never fail to impress me! The business look has worked out amazingly and even though part of the challenge was to use stardoll clothing, you have still put your own twist into it.

    Keep it up :D
    ,Carrie xx

    1. ooh thank you carrie. I wanted it to be interesting, because it's still on the runway.

      I will keep it up and surprise you again with the graphics for your magazine :P

  3. Great interview, this look is amazingly styled, love the chicness of it. You're so talented!