Thursday, November 22, 2012

Model For Allure


I got invited to become model for coldeer123's new project called ''Allure''.
It's a brand new project that is not only new becauseit's just founded, but also it's something new to the 'stardoll-blog' world, since the concept is different. 

Here's what cooldeer123 tells about it at her blog:
"This Project came up from my wish to have a online spot where you can have daily posts, a fashionable magazine plus being able to interact at real time with other users that are fond of the same thing as you- Fashion. It was actually an old wish from me but only now I was able to fulfill it."

The blog will officially open on 19th December & i am really excited about this interesting project to get startes :)

You can still apply for different positions like model, stylist, graphic designer, manager or writer. 

Or just make sure to follow this great project :)

Check it out HERE!


  1. Signed up as a Model and Writer :D Thanks for posting this!

    1. I love advertising great projects to an audience i know that is interested in it :) So no need to thank me for this. Good Luck for getting a job :)