Monday, September 10, 2012

TFS Task 3

 Hey There,
After a weekend full of wedding thing - a friend's wedding took place and before we were celebrating the stag party. I've finally got some time to do the task 3rd for "Tipps für Stardoll". 

The task was to create a MSW2012-related graphic with one of the judges/owners of the blog and also to design your own dress. Here is my result:

I mainly draw free hand, because it's very dress concentrated and i had to do it on my own...(not the easiest thing to do) and i had no scetch or anything, but i was sure that i wanted to do something with sheer and mint ♥ yeah i love these two things in clothing and then the ruffle and different strucures...i really like it somehow. Also the tiara and the hair is drawn free.

Do you like it? I am


  1. The dress is stunning, and the tiara is really good, it all looks so realistic, I think your work is amazing and it just gets better and better, keep it up! xx

    1. Oh thank you :) i am not as good with clothing as you are, but this was my first try and i think for that it's good :) i will definitly keep it up :D