Sunday, September 2, 2012

Layout - Header for PremierModelAgency

I am currently working on a new header for Premier Modeling Agency. The owner Kaisa asked me to do a header showing 2 models and herself. I dindn't want to connect the models, so i decided to make a header consisting out of three "single" picures. But they are still connected trough same background, same shoes (J.C. Litas) and the font, which will be over the 3 pictures. 

Here you can have a first look: 

(click picture to enlarge)

Here are the single images: 
I will do some changes on the second pic. 
But what do you think til now from this project??

Have a nice day


  1. Hey, omg I looove it! It's so amazing! The litas-perfect!
    I cannot wait to see the final result! You're just amazingggg

    Could you change me into brunette, if it's not difficult? :D

    1. I am so glad to hear that from you...because i know graphic designers are the most critic people :D

      Your pose was very difficult...

      It's not a problem to change your haircolor. I can change any color very easily :)

      Have you got any wishes for the text?? I don't know exactly what my plan is with it...but we will see.

    2. Hmm, for the text, i think a minimalistic font suits the best