Saturday, August 25, 2012

Graphic of Crystallam2000

Hey Guys, 

Sorry for not posting in a long time, but i am very busy with Inexperienced Magazine. It is great working for them, because we are a great team :) And it's so much fun working with people, who are interested and knowing what they are doing and they really helped (and still helping) me a lot in becoming better at graphic design. 

But the real reason of this post is to show you the graphic of Crystallam2000's graphic request:

If you are unsatisfied, i can change the hair color from the dip dye or any other colors. (I personally think the dip dye is not that pregnant, because it's the same color as the shirt).

You do NOT own any rights of the graphic, so you are not allowed to do any changes or remove my name and you are only allowed to use it for the reason you told me. -For your model portfolio. 

Do you like it??

Any opinions on that? Advices for improvement?


  1. Hello, I am a big fan of you it's great, I have a new up and coming project, and your graphics are , so wonderful, I want to tell you about it, I am sending lot's of famous designers this!

    1. Hey =) Thank You. ♥ Where can i have a look at your new project?? What is it about? Maybe you want to become a mediapartner?

    2. we need to talk privately, it's very hush hush (breakthrough, not a mag)